Making a bandsaw circle jig

- get a piece of 1/2" or so plywood that will sit on the table squarely. I cut mine so that it protrudes about 2" off the side of the table

- cut a wood runner that will sit in the miter gauge slot of your table, same width and height.

- lay a thread of glue on the runner and press the plywood down onto it. You want the plywood to adhere to the runner so that it can be slide across the table.

- I drill 2 small holes in which I insert 2 finishing nails through the plywood and the runner. Be extra careful not to drill through the band saw table. These are just markers so anywhere will do.

cordless tools and battery packs

I bought a wonderful cordless drill years ago. They were relatively new at the time and this "new" tool whispered something in my ear as I walked by! I couldn't resist and adopted it. It came with the drill, a flashlight, 2 batteries and a charger. Great deal!

Over the years, this drill served me well. The flashlight, not so much! But the drill had 2 torque settings and in low torque, could drive a #8 screw right through a 4 x 4. That's a lot of "oumph"! And then, as things happen, the tool started getting old. Perhaps I should say that the batteries started getting old. The tool still produced amazing torque....